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psb is short for push sidebar. It will be used to push the sidebar from the main website to other sub websites.



As usual I will probably have a main program that does the work and a config file that holds the information needed to run the program. The configuration file makes it easy to modify how the program operates to fit your needs.

Name Description
psb This is the main program that pushes the sidebar to the rest of the website.
psb.conf The config file that allows for easy modification of the layout.

What will psb.conf contain?

Variable name Type Description
main_site Variable Contains the name of the main website. In the context of that is what would be contained here.
sub_sites Array This will contain a listing of all sub websites that are to be updated with a new sidebar menu. The template sidebar.html and sidebar.emmet will be replaced with ones from the main_site.
site_dir Variable This dictates the location of the main_site and sub_sites.
update_files Array For my usage this will only contain sidebar.* but could contain anything that may need to be updated through the ghmd-ccs template system.

How does the program work?

The program is extremely simple, It copies files from a main website template directory into sub website template directories.

  1. First it grabs the current branch.
  2. It goes into the sub_site location.
  3. Switches to the gh-pages branch.
  4. Copies the new sidebar if there is one using rsync.
  5. Updates all html files with the update command.
  6. Add and Commit's the files with a generic "pushed new menu" message.
  7. Pushes the changes to github.
  8. Switches back to the previously checked out branch.